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A view of three adjacent walls with windows and heating radiators.

Discover The Power Of Environmental Cleaning In Hayle

Do you need professional environmental cleaning services in Hayle or throughout Cornwall? Clean Image is your go-to solution for a range of challenges. We excel at odour removal, restoring neglected and misused spaces, providing comprehensive virus control, antibacterial fogging, and more. Contact Clean Image for premium environmental cleaning services, as we are dedicated to maintaining cleanliness and safety with great care, irrespective of the size of the job.

Our Comprehensive Environmental Cleaning Services

Discover Clean Image's wide range of environmental cleaning services, each tailored to address specific needs, ensuring your space remains clean, safe, and inviting.

Odour Removal Services

Our odour removal services provide the perfect solution to persistent and unpleasant smells. We employ advanced techniques to pinpoint and neutralise odours at their source, leaving your space fresh and inviting. Bid farewell to lingering odours and relish a revitalised environment.

Squat Cleaning

Our squat cleaning service is the remedy for restoring spaces tarnished by neglect and misuse. Our professional team undertakes the demanding task of cleaning and sanitising these areas, transforming them into secure and habitable spaces once more.

A clean commercial space with a glass wall and central pillar.
A uniformed professional performing disinfectant fogging.

Virus Control

In today's world, virus control is of paramount importance. We implement comprehensive measures to mitigate the risk of viral contamination, ensuring your environment remains safe and shielded. Rely on us to protect against potential health threats.

Antibacterial Fogging

As part of our antibacterial fogging service, we employ modern technology to disinfect and sanitise surfaces effectively. We eliminate harmful bacteria, delivering a thorough and enduring solution for upholding a clean and hygienic environment.

Disinfectant Fogging Treatment

Our disinfectant fogging treatment is a potent method for safeguarding your space against harmful pathogens. We disperse a fine mist of disinfectant, reaching every nook and cranny to ensure comprehensive sanitation, creating a healthier environment for all.

Call Us Today On 07867 576826 For Expert Environmental Cleaning!

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